Spirit Substance EP

by Spirit Substance

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So there I was, On my Paradise Drive. Through the woods in my fantasy. How I visited this road every day was unclear to me. But today felt different. There were many twigs and rocks on the path in front of me. My front tire caught one and sent me flying into the grass. My hands felt the cold dew and I looked up.
There was no path behind me. The sun was not out. The clouds covered the sky. It seemed the dead of night. I got up to my feet and walked slowly towards what seemed to be a large fire. A group of beings wearing long black robes surrounded this fire. I walked in a safe distance around the perimeter when my foot caught a twig. The snap caused each head to turn in my direction. An unnatural force pulled me towards them. I dug my heels into the ground to stop me but my efforts proved futile. I passed the men and continue towards the fire. there was no stopping me. The wheels started turning as the flames engulfed me.
I wasn't there anymore, I wasn't here anymore. Even with my eyes opened I had no sense of direction. I couldn't tell which way was up, or down. I was floating in no particular direction. The scene was unfolding around me. A sandy surface was floating above me with 4 torches placed in a square pattern sporting blue flames. My seemingly infant knowledge told me of the great wonders that was underneath the sand. An infinite array of starmazes. I motioned myself towards the sand. When I touched it I immediately fell.
I was no longer floating. A seemingly infinite drop landed me on wet sand. I was on an island no more than 10 feet in diameter. So small the waves simply rolled over it, submerging my ankles every few seconds. It was dark,and most spectacular storm what was making its way over me. When I looked too far in the distance, I spotted a number of ships corresponding with the beings surrounding the fire. I yelled out to them, waving my hands. All in unison I heard them whisper “last chance” before they were gone.
After the rain subsided I was sucked down into the sand. A pit that was majestic in size captured me in its center. I was done. I was ready to leave this place, this dream. I let my fear fall to my feet as my feet were raised. My will to live my fantasy again powered my levitation. I could control where the sun would take me, all i had to do was touch it.


released March 6, 2016

Thanks to:
Jackson guitars, Dean guitars, Crate amplification, Laney amplification, Vanessa for giving me time to build something wonderful, sundays



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Spirit Substance Pewaukee, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Starmazes
Oh where are the stars
Can you find them?
Oh Can?
Track Name: Gone

Last chance

where ya goin?